A day in Cooroy

Make a day trip and explore Cooroy. Here are some itineraries.

Cooroy is a small town in the Noosa Hinterland.  Whether you would like to spend some quality time with your family, are a foodie looking for new restaurants to try out, you are a bargain hunter, or you love the great outdoors, you will not be disappointed. There are so many spots to be explored. So if you are ever around or are planning to visit, below is a day’s itinerary that you can use to guide you.

Family Day

Family Day Itinerary

If you plan to explore Cooroy and have children, you need not worry about leaving them behind or getting bored. On the contrary, Cooroy has many spaces that can be explored with your family, and activities that the children can indulge in to keep them busy and entertained. Listed below are some of the places you can visit.

Botanical Gardens

You can kick start your day by heading to the Noosa botanic gardens, on the shores of Lake Macdonald. It has a variety of exotic and native plant species and is home to an abundance of wildlife. Other features include a lily pond, open airbrush chapel, fern house, a Greek-style amphitheatre, children’s play facilities, and large lawn areas with paths winding to picnic areas.

So you could explore the gardens then later set up a picnic and spend quality time. There is a large sandpit which the children can dig up for dinosaur bones to keep themselves busy. Alternatively, they could perform at the amphitheatre.

Apex Park

If you like skating or your kids like skating, you could take them to Apex Park. It has both a BMX track and a skate park. If you both do not know how to skate, you could all take the opportunity and learn how to skate.

Jamaicia Blue

If you do not choose to set up a picnic at the Botanic gardens, you can head out to lunch at the Jamaicia Blue Cooroy. They have a friendly and skilled team that will assist you, so if you have any questions, be sure to ask. They have different types of house-made sweets, including gluten-free options.

The house salad is freshly made every day. You do not have to worry about the menu being limited, since they offer many options that you can choose from. This includes a weekly and weekend combo specials menu. They also have premium coffee with five different options to choose from, including local organic coffee.

Butter Factory

The Cooroy Future Group runs the Butter Factory Arts Centre as an exhibition event, and workshop centre. It also has a separate pottery studio. This would be a great place to take your family to explore since they have all kinds of art.

Alternatively, you could also spend some time at the library.

For Foodies

If you are a foodie, you love exploring and trying out different places. Therefore, you will not be disappointed when you visit Cooroy since there are different places you can try out in a day. Various spaces are both cosy, aesthetically pleasing, and offer excellent service. Listed below are some of the top picks that you can try when exploring Cooroy.

Fox and Hound Espresso

If you love coffee, then you should start your day at the fox and hound café for your morning fix.

Goodness Gracious

If you are more of a tea person, then goodness gracious would be the best spot to start your day.

Cooroy Harvest Fresh

You could pop into Cooroy Harvest Fresh and shop for some fresh groceries.

German Bake House

For all your baking needs, drop at the German bakehouse and ensure that you try their bread since it is a traditional recipe that has been around for 50 years and has been used by three generations.

Copperhead Brewery

Head out to copperhead brewery for either lunch or dinner. It is a brewpub that focuses on quality food and beer that can only be consumed while you are there. You could have a beer and a burger or order an a la carte meal at a pub price but with the full restaurant service. They also have a fully stocked bar and an extensive wine list. So it is a great place to explore since you will get value for your money.

Bargain Hunter

If you are a bargain hunter, then you should visit Cooroy to explore the various op-shops that are available. Listed below are some places you should explore when you visit Cooroy.

A Little Shop of Soul

A little shop of soul is a book shop café. It is located in a quiet lane, so there will not be any traffic noise disturbing you. It offers a very relaxing atmosphere. You have the option to browse your book inside or sit in the garden courtyard.

The Shade @ Cooroy

The shade buys and sell antiques and secondhand in Cooroy, including garden, homewares, and furniture. They also have a café garden and coffee shop, so you have somewhere to rest and enjoy the rest of your day after making a purchase.

Lifeline Shop Cooroy

Lifeline shop stays in business because of the local Cooroy community. You can donate your unwanted items that are still in good condition to Lifeline. Lifeline sells them to raise crucial funds for the 24hour Lifeline Crisis Support Line.

Smart Pups Charity Shop

Smart pups is a charity shop that accepts quality donations of saleable goods. The money made from the sales supports the care, development, and training of smart pups assistance dogs.

Maple Lane Secondhand Centre

Maple lane secondhand centre buys and sells quality secondhand antiques and goods. This includes, soft furnishing, books, furniture, and a variety of other valuable pre-loved items. They have a showroom that has a variety of quality secondhand products. They are located on the Sunshine Coast.

The Great Outdoors

If you love spending time outdoors, there are options for you to explore in Cooroy. As aforementioned, if you have kids, there is a BMX track that you could take them to, a skate park, and a playground where they could play and have fun. Listed below are some outdoor activities you can partake in Cooroy.


You can start your morning in Lake Macdonald kayaking and enjoying the peaceful and serene surroundings.

Bike Trail

You can mountain bike along the Noosa Trail Network, which is made up of eight scenic trails. The trail is also suitable for horse riding, and walking. The trails are signposted well. Ensure you read the trail guide before embarking on your biking. There is also a brochure that describes the surroundings, and you can tick them off as you explore.


As mentioned earlier, you can set up a picnic at the Noosa botanical gardens. You can either do this with family or alone. The gardens provide you with a scenic space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and take a break from your routine. So make sure you include a picnic as part of your itinerary when you visit Cooroy.